Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sorry guys....

I haven't created a new blog post for a long time! It's because my nails have been damaged and I decided to lay off the polish for a while :/ But A new tutorial will be out tomorrow, on my youtube and on my blog. If you don't have my youtube click here: thanks and I'l see you tomorrow. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Youtube Video

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NEW Twitter AND Youtube!!!!

         YES! Finally got to the point where I actually made a Twitter account! Click here for the Twitter:!/CuteNails101 And click here for the Youtube account: The reason why the names are different are because for Twitter the name was too long and for youtube the name was already taken so...
         Anyways, remember to check those out and subscribe and follow!!! I'll see you next time!
        P.S. I'm having trouble thinking of new designs so could you guys please send requests? 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pink and Black Polka Dots!

         This is a design that is actually easier than you think. What you'll need: Sinful colors, Fushion neon,(or any pink) NYC French White Tip, (or any white) Wet and Wild Black Creme, (or any black) and Art Deco Silver Glitter and Silver.
So the first step in this design is to paint you whole nail a bright pink. You might need to put a couple layers to make it opaque.
When dry, add a white tip. Again, add a couple layers. You can do this free hand or use a piece of tape. But the tape might take off the pink, so be careful with that.
After that's a little dry, add a stripe of silver where the pink meets the white, and then add silver glitter on top of that stripe when dry.
And finally, using your black, place your dotter in the polish using the biggest tip. Make a few dots in the white tip spaced out. And there you go! A simple, cute design to show off to your friends.
Thanks for you time and I'll see you again!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Cute Paw Prints for Short Nails!

          This style is easy to make and cute, too! The colors you need are: Blue, (Brown can substitute) and black! a dotting tool is needed also.
So first paint your nails a bright blue, what I used was sinful colors Fly Away.
 Then, take you dotting tool, and use the large side. make 2 big dots. One is the upper left corner and one in the lower right corner. Make sure there's more room to make more! Then, with a smaller side, put 3 dots spaced out above the big dot! Here's the final product!
I hope you enjoyed! Send me requests and and I'll make sure to do them!


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Thanks and I'l see you later!